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24.03.15 08:30

Who will pay my pension someday...?

Information event on pension rights for Internationally Mobile Researchers.

23.03.15 17:14

PhD Funding through the TUM Graduate School

STIBET Program of the DAAD // Internationalization voucher of the TUM-GS

20.03.15 16:23

Biomedical Applications for Cancer Treatment

April 23rd, 2015 I 04.00-06.00pm I Klinikum rechts der Isar I Pavillon Lecture Hall


March 2015


Marian Sebastian Willner, Dipl.-Phys. Univ.

Full member of GSISH

Contact Details

Physics Department E17
TU München
James-Franck-Str. 1
85748 Garching

Phone: +49 (0)89.289.12754
Fax:     +49 (0)89.289.12548


Project Details

Quantitative X-ray phase-contrast tomography for biomedical research at laboratory X-ray sources

Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer

Start of PhD-work at GSISH:
June 2011

Project Description:
Grating-based X-ray phase-contrast tomography is an emerging modality that is based on a fundamentally different image formation process compared to conventional attenuation-based imaging and might improve diagnostics in the future by providing additional information and enhanced soft-tissue contrast.
In this project, we investigate the potential of the technique for quantitative tissue characterisation and aim to gain insight into its diagnostic capabilities. For this purpose, an experimental phase-contrast imaging system optimised for biomedical research has been developed in our lab. Various studies are performed in strong collaborations with the Radiology Departments of the Klinikum rechts der Isar and the Klinikum Grosshadern. Topics range from oncology to fibrosis and atherosclerotic plaque.


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