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24.03.15 08:30

Who will pay my pension someday...?

Information event on pension rights for Internationally Mobile Researchers.

23.03.15 17:14

PhD Funding through the TUM Graduate School

STIBET Program of the DAAD // Internationalization voucher of the TUM-GS

20.03.15 16:23

Biomedical Applications for Cancer Treatment

April 23rd, 2015 I 04.00-06.00pm I Klinikum rechts der Isar I Pavillon Lecture Hall


March 2015


Ronald Lautenschläger, MSc.

Associated member of GSISH

Contact Details

Institut für Medizinische Statistik und Epidemiologie
Lehrstuhl für Medizinische Informatik
Klinikum Rechts der Isar
TU München
Bau 523 (2. Stock, Raum: 23 2.7)
Ismaninger Str. 22
81675 München

Phone: +49 (0)89.4140.4345
Fax:     +49 (0)89.4140.4850


Project Details

Pseudonymity in Translational Research

Prof. Dr. Klaus A. Kuhn
Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckert

Start of PhD-work at GSISH:
March 2009

Project Description:
The principal goal of the project is to establish a network of clinical centres in order to advance collaborative work among researchers which are mostly medical and/or biomedical experts trying to improve health care for patients. Steps to achieve this are: i) Setup of a web-based register, which is adherent to international laws and regulations concerning health care and medical research data; ii) Comprehensive management of data resulting from patient examinations, biological materials including DNA, RNA etc.; iii) Enhancing the collaborative work in research networks by simplifying and accelerating exchange of research results according to privacy laws and regulations; iv) Developing and advancing of a research platform which is built upon highest security requirements for a secure management of sensitive patient data.



B. Büchner, C. Gallenmüller, R. Lautenschläger, K. Kuhn, I. Wittig, L. Schöls, D. Rapaport, D. Seelow, P. Freisinger, H. Prokisch, W. Sperl, T. Wenz, C. Behl, M. Deschauer, C. Kornblum, P. Schneiderat, A. Abicht, M. Schuelke, T. Meitinger, Prof. Dr. T. Klopstock,
"Das Deutsche Netzwerk für mitochondriale Erkrankungen (mitoNET)," Medizinische Genetik. September 2012, Volume 24, Issue 3, pp 193-199.

Kalman B Md Dsc, Lautenschlaeger R, Kohlmayer F, Büchner B Md, Kmiec T Md, Klopstock T Md, Kuhn K Md Msc
"An international registry for neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation,"
Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2012 Sep 17;7(1):66.

F. Kohlmayer, R.R. Lautenschläger, S.H.R. Wurst, T. Klopstock, H. Prokisch, T. Meitinger, C. Eckert, and K.A. Kuhn
"Konzept für ein deutschlandweites Krank-heitsnetz am Beispiel von mitoREGISTER," GI Jahrestagung (2), 2010, pp. 746-751.