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Who will pay my pension someday...?

Information event on pension rights for Internationally Mobile Researchers.

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PhD Funding through the TUM Graduate School

STIBET Program of the DAAD // Internationalization voucher of the TUM-GS

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Biomedical Applications for Cancer Treatment

April 23rd, 2015 I 04.00-06.00pm I Klinikum rechts der Isar I Pavillon Lecture Hall


March 2015


Mandal, Subhamoy, B.E., M.S.

Associated member of GSISH

Chair for Biological Imaging, Technische Universität München
Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Contact Details:

Helmholtz Zentrum München (GmbH)
Institut für Biologische und Medizinische Bildgebung
Ingolstädter Landstr. 1
85764 Neuherberg

Phone: +49 (0)89.3187.1228
E-mail: s.mandal(at)

Project Details:

Visual Quality Enhancement in Optoacoustic Imaging

Prof. Dr. Daniel Razansky
Prof. Dr. Vasilis Ntziachristos

Start of PhD-work at GSISH:

July 2013

Project Description: 
Multi-Spectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) is capable of high resolution 3D visualization of molecular probes located deep in scattering living tissues. This method can simultaneously deliver anatomical, functional and molecular information with both high resolution and penetration capabilities. The present generation of the MSOT systems can scan 3D volumes at video rate and provide real time visualization of the imaged tissue.  The dissertation work is based on the new generation MSOT system(s), and aims to develop better visualizations in real time for the multi-dimensional and multi-spectral data in a clinically valuable way. The primary objectives of the project are visual quality improvement of MSOT images, and enhancement of system capabilities for pre-clinical and clinical investigations.  Thus, the research envisages development of new parameter optimization strategies for image reconstruction and quantification. Multi-resolution and scale- space signal processing techniques are being employed to enhance resolution and improve the signal to noise ratio (SNR) in optoacoustic images, aided with GPU based acceleration. Further, the project aims to develop quality benchmarks for image quality and algorithms (in terms of computational complexity and operation time), thus enabling evaluation of the efficacy of methodologies for imaging biological specimens in vivo

Publications / Conference Papers:

Peer Reviewed Journal and Magazine Articles
[1] Mandal, Subhamoy, Elena Nasonova, Xosé Luís Deán-Ben, and Daniel Razansky. "Optimal self-calibration of tomographic reconstruction parameters in whole-body small animal optoacoustic imaging." Photoacoustics (2014).

[Open Access]

[2] Mandal, S.; Midha, N., "Making Health Care Universally Accessible: The Emergence of Telemedicine as a Core Necessity [Student's Corner]," Pulse, IEEE , vol.5, no.6, pp.4,47, Nov.-Dec. 2014 [IEEE Xplore]

[3] Mandal, S., "Frugal Innovations for Global Health:  Perspectives for Students [Student's Corner]," Pulse, IEEE, vol.5, no.1, pp.11, 13, Jan.-Feb. 2014 [IEEE Xplore]

[4] Mandal, S.; Basak, K.; Mandana, K. M.; Ray, A. K.; Chatterjee, J.; Mahadevappa, M.; , "Development of Cardiac Prescreening Device for Rural Population Using Ultralow-Power Embedded System," Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on , vol.58, no.3, pp.745-749, March 2011 [IEEE Xplore


Referred Conference Proceedings and Abstracts

[1] Subhamoy Mandal, Elena Nasanova, Xose Luis Dean Ben, Daniel Razansky, “Fast calibration of speed-of-sound using temperature prior in whole-body small animal optoacoustic imaging,” Proc. SPIE , Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2015, (February 8, 2015)

[2] Garud, H.; Ray, A.K.; Mahadevappa, M.; Chatterjee, J.; Mandal, S., "A fast auto white balance scheme for digital pathology," Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI), 2014 IEEE-EMBS International Conference on , vol., no., pp.153,156, 1-4 June 2014 [IEEE Xplore


[3] Mandal, S.; Usop, K.; Ong, R.; Gonzalez, E.A.; Reilly, R., "IEEE direct to student program (D2S): Changing dynamics of education and innovation," Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), 2014 IEEE , vol., no., pp.987,990, 3-5 April 2014 [IEEE Xplore]

[4] Subhamoy Mandal, Xose Luis Dean Ben, Daniel Razansky, "Automated calibration of temporal changes in the speed of sound in optoacoustic tomography", Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 8800, 88000K (2013)   SPIE Digital Library

[5] Chebrolu, V.; Mandal, S.; Mallick, R.; Thiruvenkadam, S.; Schenck, J.; "Optimization of MR Acquisition Parameters for Quantitative measurements    of Brain Iron in Alzheimer’s Disease," ISMRM, 20th Annual Meeting and Exhibition [Abstract]
[6] Garud, H.; Mandal, S.; Sheet, D.; Mahadevappa, M.; Ray, A. K.;  ,"Volume Visualization Approach for Depth of Field Extension in Light Microscopy,"  IEEE CISP 2011, Shanghai [IEEE Xplore
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[8] Mandal, S.; Kumar, A.; Chatterjee, J.; Manjunatha, M.; Ray, A.K.; , "Segmentation of blood smear images using normalized cuts for detection of malarial parasites," India Conference (INDICON), 2010 Annual IEEE , vol., no., pp.1-4, 17-19 Dec. 2010 [IEEE Xplore
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[11] Basak, K.; Mandal, S.; Manjunatha, M.; Chatterjee, J.; Ray, A.K., “A Wavelet Based Approach to Heart Sound Denoising and Segmentation,” Electronic Design and Signal Processing, International Conference on, December 2009 [Narosa Publishers


[12] Subhamoy Mandal, Rasheda Arman Chowdhury, Tulesh Kumar, Devadas Bhat, P. C. Siddalingaswamy. CardioInnova: Design and Development of Cardiac Diagnosis & Sustainable Heart Care Delivery System for Rural India. Proceedings of International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Biotechnology & Bioengineering, pp 115–118, February 2009 (Abstract published, accepted for Poster presentation)


Personal Details:


For Curriculum Vitae of Subhamoy Mandal click here.